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“in love with the second lead man” syndrome

I literally have this “in love with the second lead man” syndrome. I mean, I like the lead man but I usually found myself falling for the supporting actor. Admit it, the second lead usually have better stories than the main actors and they are the real heroes as well. They are those who have unrequited love most of the times and care too much neglecting the pain that breaks their heart just to save and protect the person they love. Let me enumerate some of those second lead man whom I fell for.


  1. Shin Won-Ho (Tae Oh in The Legend of the Blue Sea)

“How can his face be prettier than a girl?” – Cha Si-A

Indeed, how can it be? And how can you not fall for this gorgeous, intelligent computer hacker? He was just so cool doing all those techy stuff and glaring at Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min-Ho) whenever he was jealous because of Sim Cheong (Jun Ji Hyun) that he was so fond of. I love the moment when he blurted out “Saranghae Noona!” all of a sudden to Cha Si-A’s (Shin Hye-Sun) face to save the day of the con artists. He eventually fell for Cha Si-A after that incident and their kissing scene is a must watch. It’ll surely make you giggle.

There were many cute little Tae Oh moments in the series that you would love but my favorite was when he got drunk, keeping stuffs of Nam Doo and detective Kim in his pockets and trying to find the perfect pocket for a cup he was slipping in. That was crazy but really cute.


2. Kwak Dong-Yeon 곽동연 (Kim Byung Yeon in Love in the Moonlight/ Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)

Yup, he has a lot of pictures here because I love him the most among many other second leads that I love. He was one of those “second lead who was willing to die for his love” that I was referring to. If you had watched Love in the Moonlight, then I guessed I don’t have to tell you why. But for those who haven’t seen that drama yet, you better catch up. Alright, so here wo go. I have a lot in mind to say about this cool, stern, fierce, and intense character of Kwak Dong Yeon, that’s obvious with the adjectives I used. 😅😅 He had something that caught me the minute he showed his face at the camera. That was one magical moment for me. I didn’t find him handsome at first but he was damn attractive in his black robe and messy hair. From that moment on, I just kept on waiting for his appearances in LITM/MDBC drama. His sword skill,and fight scenes were cooler than the word cool itself. Byung Yun pretending to be choking but actually laughing about the Crown Prince’s nickname was precious because that was the only time he laughed. And a tough royal gaurd like him sewing Ra On’s rug doll was the cutest. I honestly wished for him to have longer cute moments with Hong Ra On (Kim You-Jung) cause those were my favorites. I love seeing them together having great chemistry because of their clashing personalities.

I love everything about Kim Byung Yun (Kwak Dong-Yeon) that I literally cried my heart out when he almost died trying to save his hope (Crown Prince/ Park Bo-Gum) and the love of his hope (Hong Ra On/ Kim You-Jung). How can I not love him?


3. Jin Young (Kim Yoon-Sung in Love in the Moonlight/ Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)

Just look at his face. End of story. 😂😂 He’s stunningly awesome that I can’t help falling for him. His role in the series was well knitted. In fact he can be the dream guy of every girl. Yoon-Sung was everyone’s protector in the story. He had protected and saved Hong Ra On several times to the point of giving up his own life. His unrequited love for her was a sad story that he brought with him to his death. It broke my heart by the way. It was him who stood for what was right, defying his own family and saving the Crown Prince’s life, risking his own, from the rebels who tried to kill the Prince. And he was so cool with all those fight scenes.

He was the anonymous shadow of every unrevealed secrets and hideous truth. He had a lot of great deal to face alone but he was tough enough to carry on. There’s no reason not to love him.


4. Choi Si-Won – (Kim Shin-Hyuk in She was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다)

“Well, in this world, things are not all they appear to be.” -Shin Hyuk-

That line suited him well because he had left me hangin’ on the cliff waiting every episode for his real deal. He was one humorous guy that bugged Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung-Eum) almost everyday of her life and calling him Jackson (cause Hye Jin’s outfit was like Michael Jackson’s) whenever he feel like it. You might see him as a shallow, good-for-nothing fellow because of his actuations especially when he was with the girl he liked the most. Protecting and loving Hye Jin were this man’s forte that Hye Jin herself felt deeply sorry for him cause she can’t love him the way he deserved to be love. I was really hoping that he’ll find his place in Min Ha ri’s (Koh Joon-Hee) but I guess that’s not how they wanted to put the period on this man’s role. Reporter Kim had his fair share of humor, love, pain and mystery in the series. I felt the saddest when he bid farewell to Hye Jin then all their memories were slowly rushing back while he was waving goodbye with a bitter smile, and a heavy heart, in slow motion. His story was actually better than the lead and the revelation of his character’s mystery was an unexpected twist.


5. Choi Tae-Joon – (Lee Yeok-Ho in Puberty Medley/ Adolescence Medley)

Lee Yeok-Ho is a senior highschool boxing enthusiast and is known for being the vicious “brown bear” of Namil Highschool. His look captured me obviously and his damn cool glare was one of the best. He was tough and had rough edges outside, but his heart was pure and loving. He looked after Yang Ah-young (Lee Se-Young), his best friend’s dongsaeng and the lead man Choi Jong-woo’s (Kwak Dong-Yeon) love interest. He had a boxing duel with the frail Jong-woo. Why? check it out in Puberty Medley 😉



I live. I learn. I upgrade.

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  1. This used to NEVER happen to me, but it always happened to my sister. Haha. Now I find that since I got back into kdramas a few months ago, it’s started happening to me with the occasional drama! What is happening?!

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