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The Legend of the Blue Sea [푸른 바다의 전설]



“If you love someone… that means you surrender – you lost. In other words, if you love someone then you believe whatever he tells you” -Heo Joon Jae-

The Legend of the Blue Sea was the first Korean drama that caught my attention. I wasn’t a fan of any Korean dramas before not even until I got a job from a Korean employer. I procrastinated watching this drama for no reason. To my surprised, it left me hollow and somber after watching it. It was a total package of fantasy, romance, comedy and sorrow and the cast was well ensemble that you might end up loving the second lead just like me. I was talking about Tae Oh (Shin Won-Ho) by the way and oh not to mention the lead cast Heo Joon-Jae (Lee Min-Ho) and Sim Chung (Gianna Jun/Jun Ji Hyun) who were both superb. The cast was one of the many reasons why I watched this drama twice in a row. And the plot? was totally amazing. I also loved seeing cameo roles of great actors in the series.


The Cast

Sim Chung / Se-Hwa – Gianna Jun / Jun Ji Hyun

  • A mermaid in the Joseon era / A modern-day mermaid who arrives in Seoul to follow her only love, Joon-jae. She has super strength and the ability to read and erase one’s memory.


Heo Joon-Jae / Dam Ryung – Lee Min-Ho

  • The town head and son of a magistrate in the Joseon era who fell in love with a mermaid / A modern-day con-man who uses his looks and wit to transform into different people and conduct scams. He eventually met a mermaid whom he fell in love with again in his present life.


Supporting Actors

Jo Nam-doo / Park Moo – Lee Hee-Joon

  • A con-man and Joon-jae’s mentor. He trained Joon-jae to be a great con-man along with him. His Joseon incarnation is Park Moo, who worked with Joon-jae’s stepbrother in their past lives. It was later revealed that his loyalty towards Dam-ryeong and Joon-jae prevailed over his stepbrother in the Joseon era and modern day respectively.


Tae-Oh – Shin Won-Ho

  • A genius hacker and a con-man together with Joon-jae and Nam-doo. A quiet person who likes to play computer games. He initially has a secret crush on Shim Cheong, but ended up falling for Shi-ah.


Cha Shi-ah – Shin Hye-Sun

  • Joon-jae’s university junior who has an unrequited love for him, and a researcher at KAIST. Through her job she discovered some artifacts related to Dam-ryeong from the Joseon era and helped Joon-jae discover his past identity. She was revealed to be the deceased wife of Dam-ryeong in the Joseon era.


Heo Chi-Hyun – Lee Ji-Hoon

  • Joon-jae’s stepbrother. A hardworking son who dutifully stayed by his stepfather’s side after Joon-jae left home. His Joseon incarnation was revealed to be an antagonist, who killed Dam-ryeong and Se-hwa. In his reincarnation, he turned against Joon-jae due to his unrequited love for his stepfather.


Mr. Yang/ Ma Dae-Young – Sung Dong-Il

  • A mermaid trafficker during the Joseon era. In the modern day, he is a murder criminal and a hit-man hired by Seo-hee to kill Joon-jae. He was later revealed to be Chi-hyun’s father.


Mo Yoo-Ran – Na Young-Hee

  • Joon-jae’s mother. The Cha family’s housekeeper.


Heo Il-Joong – Choi Jung-Woo

  • Joon-jae’s father, and a property agent. After the success of his business he divorced with Yoo-ran and married Seo-hee.




Cameo Roles:

Additional Cast Members:





I live. I learn. I upgrade.

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