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Payday Friday!

What else could be better than Friday? Payday of course! But you know it’s way cooler if Friday and Payday are both the same day. Not unless you still work on weekends then that’s frustrating.


You worked your ass off the whole month to get paid so you deserved an ice cream or two. Give yourself a break and eat whatever you want. You got a lot of responsibilities to pay for you say? Yeah right. Pay them all but give yourself a treat anyway. It’s important to have a taste of your hard work to keep going.


10.5-Binge-Eating-BlogIt’s Friday and your friends might be asking you out later. Go with them and have a good laugh. Or better yet, buy a big box of fries or a huge potato chips and watch Korean dramas until dawn.

Enjoying your pay once in a while isn’t bad at all. You deserved it anyway. Just know that having responsibilities while enjoying life is possible. Never deprive yourself just because you got a lot of bills to pay. There are many small things that can certainly make you happy without turning your back on from your responsibilities.



I live. I learn. I upgrade.

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