I seriously love traveling. I wish I can do it as often as I breathe. Nothing fancy about this page though because I’ll be posting local travels, adventures and family outings we had around the city. ⛺🚌🚕🌞🌊🏄


Welcome! Ain’t sure if I’m smiling here or what, haha. This photo was taken 5 years ago at IML Ecopark, Maasim, Saranggani Province. I love this place simply because it’s elevated and you can see a masterpiece of blue sparkling ocean from afar.

I lost some of my good photos from these event (smartphones weren’t that cheap yet) so here are some of those I had saved. We had an overnight acquaintance party in that place so I didn’t get to appreciate much of the resort’s view until daybreak and I was like daebaaakk! 🌞 The soft breeze from the ocean touching my face was like God’s breath. The sunshine breaking through the edges of the mountains was like a magic revealing itself.


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