Jenndependent 젠

15094518_725130517642374_6280695135239517273_nWelcome! An Nyeong Haseyo! 😊

Yep, you guessed it right. An Nyeong Haseyo is  “hello” in Korean. Am I a fan? Sort of. I am actually an online ESL teacher of Koreans for more than a year now but everything sinked in to me just this past few weeks. I realized I was one lucky fella to be seeing, talking, and teaching Koreans 5 days a week. It’s like having the touch of their culture, country and the fantastic Kdramas and actors that they have. Yeah, it’s one hell amazing job. As I was saying, I fell in love with everything Korean 3weeks ago and I started watching every Kdramas I can, started learning Hangeul, and saving my salary to visit South Korea. You say I’m addicted? Nahh..I am an enthusiast. 😉

Basically, I’ll be sharing in this blog about my life as an ESL teacher of Koreans, some snapshots of my cute students, my views and opinions about the Kdramas I watched, a little bit of my mind about food, travels, Hollywood movies and OSTs.